Food of the Gods

Quinoa is the sacred crop of the Incas, the uber-tasty, nutritious super-grain that powered the greatest empire South America has ever seen. It’s been recognised as a superfood by NASA, who champion quinoa as a key food source for deep space missions.


Quinoa is a great way of adding taste and colour to your dishes. Nutty, sweet or crunchy: all you have to do is pick your favourite one! Discover the three distinctive tastes and textures across our grain range.


As easy and simple as rice and pasta! Simply boil for 12-20 minutes, depending on colour and desired texture. No need to rinse before or after cooking: our quinoa is the Dulce variety, which contains less saponin than others (saponin is responsible for the bitterness of some quinoa).


Quinola complements any recipe by enhancing flavour and adding unique texture.

Enjoy it as a hot side dish, in soup, as a casserole ingredient or a sweet dessert. Everything is possible – even ice cream !


Gluten and cholesterol free it is a complete vegetable protein. Quinoa contains the good type of carbs, so their slow release helps you feel satiated for longer. And all that fibre and lack of gluten will do wonders for your digestion.


No chemical nasties or fossil fuel fertilisers are used in Quinola’s production, and we go further than that, as we believe that sustainability is as important as organic certification. That is why all our farmers practice mixed agriculture and crop rotation, and allow the fragile land to regenerate via fallow periods. No monocultures here either.


We work with ethics in our DNA. Not only do we work directly with our producers under the Fairtrade scheme, but we try and help them out in other ways too.

Our products are packed by a team in france with learning difficulties, as we want to support the community with a better life through team work. They are very proud to be producing something thas has found its way into your kitchen.

The best

We pride ourselves on sourcing and producing the finest quinoa-based products available.
It started with a three year quest in Peru, searching for the finest quinoa there is, and once we found it, we dedicated ourselves solely to the production of premium quinoa products.