Pulses & Quinoa Cakes

Healthy snacking just got that little bit easier and tastier with the arrival of our Pulses and Quinoa Cakes. Made from a mix of chickpeas, lentils, peas, corn and quinoa they are packed full of nutrients and don’t taste like stale cardboard!

Because they are full of pulses & quinoa, the cakes are a source of protein and fibre, unlike traditional rice cakes. They also have a low glycemic index, which popped rice does not have, so they will keep you satisfied for longer. They are also Gluten Free, like all our products- and Vegan of course.

At only 22kcal a cake you can munch away on these all day with little risk to your waistline.

Enjoy them on their own for a healthy snack when you are feeling a little peckish or serve up with a humus or similar spread for nibbles before dinner. They even go down a treat for breakfast as a lighter alternative to a slice of bread.

Warning: they are no good for playing frisbee (they don’t fly straight).