Discover the first wholegrain quinoa, grown in France

 Wholegrain  Quinoa

The only true variety of wholegrain quinoa on the market at the moment, our latest product is now available to buy!

With almost double the fibre of your average quinoa, this wholegrain version also has less fat and less salt than our pearl and red quinoa. Full of minerals and gluten free, this quinoa is especially rich in iron and magnesium. Iron and magnesium contribute to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and contribute to normal cognitive function.

All this with zero compromise on taste. It won two great taste stars in the 2016 Great Taste Awards! The judges loved it, with some of the comments being ‘we agreed this is some of the best we have tasted’ and ‘a good nutty bite, wholesome grain flavours reminiscent of wholegrain rice’. Plus, this variety of quinoa contains no saponin and thus has no associated bitterness. As this quinoa is saponin free, the outer epiderm or husk of the quinoa remains, making it the first wholegrain variety of quinoa.

Thus, this wholegrain variety really is quite ground-breaking! It has taken several years of development to get to this stage. The UAPL Co-operative who grow this quinoa are based in the Loire Valley in France, and the quinoa is also packaged in France, by a team with learning disabilities. Though the grain is not organically grown, the farmers in the UAPL cooperative use sustainable farming techniques. Because aphids destroy the quinoa flowers before the ladybird population arrives in the spring, the farmers have to spray the plants once with pesticides before the plants flowers. There are no traces left in the final grain. This single application compares to 7 passages of pesticide and herbicide in conventional wheat farming.

This grain is also available in Express, exactly the same taste and always perfectly cooked.




Nutritional info table

Nutritional value per 100 g

Pearl Wholegrain Wholegrain Express
Energy 372kcal 165kcal
Protein 13,4g 5,3g
Carbohydrates 58,8g 25,1g
Of which sugar 2,8g 0,9g
Fat 6,4g 4,0g
Of which saturates 0.72g 0.5g