Neli, Edith & Gabriella (5 months) & Mariana (4 years)

neli, edith & gabriella Neli (mum with baby and 4 year old) delighted with higher quinoa prices as she will be bale to afford to send her children to college and higher education in Juliaca- the big smoke some 40 minute combi bus ride away. She has started planting legumes in patches that are fallow to try and enrich soil with nitrogen- agronomic techniques are evolving, with the help of the coop’s agronomists. Can’t yet afford to use enriched guano from the coast (bird poo off the islands), so still using her livestock poo. Mariana, her eldest daughter says her favourite game is pretend cooking   And Gabriella is going to get her first taste of our Baby meals, made with the protein rich quinoa they grow: