Lina Marin Mananya & Sorieta Mari Cualceuanca


Lina & Sorieta perpare a well deserved lunch for all the harvetsers in the field. With some llama dung and locally found stones they got a roaring oven going in a matter of minutes. In go the potatos, another worlwide staple brought to you from Peru originally, with a healthy slab of cheese from the cows that they also rear.Now that’s what I call a tasty and filling break from the back breaking work of the fields! When they stop for lunch everyone tips the first bit of their drink and food on to the ground as an offering to Pachamama, the earth goddess, in thanks for the food she has provided- a local variant on saying grace as you will. Leisure activities: plays in local volleyball team where they were local champions Children: two of school age Would love to visit: USA – for the language and food and to see for real how life is there