Keep your planet cool
... and ease your conscience!

It can sometimes be a bit of a bonkers world. So here at Quinola we’re trying to get it all finally to make some sense.

1. By choosing Quinola you’re helping the planet...

…as quinoa is sustainably organic (we don’t just go for the organic label). No chemical nasties go in to Quinola and no fossil fuel fertilisers are used so it’s healthy for your children and good to the environment.

2. You’re helping the farmers by supporting Fairtrade

The farmers in Peru grow quinoa using traditional farming methods as tractors damage the thin soil. The smallhold farmers in Cabana (Peru) believe in the earth goddess Pachamama, so for them it is second nature to be respectful of the environment.

3. You’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint by choosing Quinola

The meat industry is very carbon intensive.
‘Livestock are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together’ ( Food & Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, 2006)

Meat is also a huge water user. So regardless of the pros and cons of battery farming meat – and the genetically modified soya grown in the deforested Amazon that goes to feed it (yuk!) – anything that can occasionally replace meat consumption is good news.

If you are worried about it coming from so far away – and rightly so –  remember that most of that is done on a great big ship whose carbon footprint is about one tenth of that of a truck and less than 100th compared to airfreight. So a New Yorker will have a lower carbon footprint drinking French Bordeaux than a Californian wine. It’s crackers !

Did you know that Quinola is a Better Protein Alternative?
It’s better for your chidren’s body as it’s much easier to digest but it’s also better for the carbon footprint.

4. You're helping to make trade fair for those who really need it

At Quinola HQ we work with ethics in our DNA. Not only do we work directly with the producers under the Fairtrade scheme, but we try and help them out in other ways too. We also employ a workforce in France with learning difficulties to pack our products, as we want to help provide them with a fair chance and a better life through work. By choosing Quinola you’re  not only supporting your children but lots of other people, who really need it too.