Juana Soto de Sulca, her daughter Patricia and grandson Christiano (10)



Juana says that she produces quinoa in exactly the same way as her wise grandmother did. She remains impressed by her grandmother’s knowledge. She has 5 children and has lost count of how many grandchildren she now has. Patricia is her only child that has stayed around. Because she doesn’t have enough land to share out to all her children, the others have headed off to the two large cities for alternative careers. This year she has been able to sow 1 hectare of quinoa which at best will bring her an income of about $2500. This will be her families only real income, the rest being subsistence living. In the winter Juana spends a lot of time in the kitchen outbuilding. Her little stove is fired by dry dung, the availability of wood is relatively limited and hence expensive in these parts. Christiano is her grandson, who has just lost a tooth. No tooth fairies here, but traditionally you leave your fallen tooth by a mouse hole. This ensures that a new tooth grows back- but no monetary rewards in the altiplano! In the evening Christiano loves reading fairy tales.