Irma has 1 hectare of quinoa, which is not looking great as the bare patches that have not been resown when the quinoa didn’t germinate. But Irma has never re-sown a crop, so missing a simple trick of the trade. By providing farmers in the cooperative with some simple yet efffective methods of improving their yields, the agronomic team adds a huge amount of value to the members. One of Irma’s most appreciated things that the coop does, is that it now sells properly selected grains for sowing. This ensures that farmers sow only the heartiest plants in their fields. She tries to sell her quinoa across the year to the coop in 5kg bags to keep a regular income, but has usually sold everything a few months before the next harvest, which makes it quite a nervous time for her. Cashflow planning can be pretty tricky when most of your resource comes once a year. With the extra money she has been getting from her quinoa, Irma has been investing in more livestock, and has managed to buy another dairy cow.