What is the difference between the three colors of quinoa?

The white one is the smoothest.

The red one is a little crispy with a hazelnut flavour.

The black one has a crunchy texture.

How much time does it take to cook each colour of quinoa?

Pearl Quinoa: 12 minutes

Red Quinoa: 14 minutes

Black Quinoa: 20 minutes

Are the nutritional values the same in all three kind of quinoa?

There is a very small difference…

Should we add water for Express products?

No. It is ready to eat. You just have to heat it in a pan or a microwave.

Once opened, how long can I store the Express for?

They are consumable up to three days in the refrigerator after opening.

Why is it gluten-free?

Because the quinoa is naturally gluten-free.

What is the Baby’s Doy-pack for?

Thanks to the super thin Doy-pack, the products retain their nutritional values since they don’t need to be heated for a long time.

Is there a risk when the pockets are heated in the microwave?

No, the pack is designed to contain food in it. Just follow the heating instructions.

Why is there salt in the nutritional values but you say that the products have no added salt?

It is naturally occurring salt from the quinoa and the vegetables.

For which meal of the day are the baby products for?

Babies can eat them at any meal of the day. Since the quinoa is easily digested, it is just as suitable for lunch as it is for dinner.

At what age can a baby start eating the Baby products?

When he begins to eat food. You need to start with the products made for 6 months old babies.

At what age can the child start eating Kids products?

The moment the child begins to eat pieces, he can consume kids’ products.