Don Pascual

Pascual is a bit of a pioneer when it comes to milk cows- almost all of the coop’s farmers rear animals as well as planting quinoa. He and his wife would typically spend 2 hours each morning and evening milking their 8 cows. He decided to modernize all this with the purchase of two milking machines which he installed in a purpose built shed. Unfortunately, the electricity is not very reliable (last year they went without electricity for 2 months!), so he would like to buy a generator when he has saved up enough money. We were there for the first milking on the machine, with some pretty nervous looking cows who weren’t entirely sure that this was progress! But after a difficult start the first two cows stood contentedly as the machine efficiently extracted the 10 litres + from their udders. Pascual sells most of his milk on to the newly formed cheese coop at $0.30 a litre, so a steady income stream to add to his quinoa takings.