Cool Fact No. 1


It’s the preferred superfood fuel of choice for the astronauts at NASA and elite sportsmen and women around the world. There isn’t another food out there that can beat quinoa in its nutritional supremacy and health benefits. At Quinola HQ we like to think of it  as the elixir of life, and we’re not the only ones:

“No single foodstuff can supply all the essential nutrients necessary for life, but quinoa is the closest to any food in the vegetable or animal kingdom” NASA 1993

Cool Fact No. 2


Did you know that children’s kidneys don’t mature until they’re 3?
During the day their kidneys can process animal protein but not so in the evening or during sleep. Plant proteins are digested and processed gently and easily day and night.

Cool Fact No. 3


A long long time ago we used to be cavemen.

Back when we were hunter gatherers we’d be lucky to eat meat once a week so we’re not designed to eat meat every day. Our digestive system isn’t built for the levels of meat and sugar that are now available to us. Eating vegetable protein is much better for you than animal protein.