Andy McFadden’s three Quinola signature dish

Andy McFadden’s three Quinola signature dish Andy very kindly invited me to his one Michelin star restaurant, l’Autre Pied, in the heart of Marylebone. He prepared his signature ‘Ceviche of hand dived scallops, black quinoa, crème fraiche, Jerusalem artichoke and dill’ which was exceptionally good, but probably not something you could do at home. That is unless you have your own dehydrator, vacuum bagger etc. But here are the main elements that can inspire any number of variations on the theme. You will note that Andy has now started using all three Quinolas so his menu description needs updating! Here you can see Andy sprinkling marinated red and black Quinola over generously sliced raw scallops that have been topped by slices of blanched & marinated Jerusalem artichoke. You then add some essence of dill ( a laborious process from fresh dill), some de-wheyed crème fraiche, a sprinkling of dehydrated scallop row, fried crispy pearl Quinola, some zest from a frozen Kafir lime and some hand foraged wood sorrel. The whole topped by some Jerusalem artichoke crisps. Simple really. And look at the amazing result: The complexity and harmony of the tastes and textures is phenomenal. Andy states that quinoa goes beautifully with lobster too, works very well as a side salad and generally ‘I love quinoa as it’s all about the textures’. Hats off to a great chef. Top tips on how to replicate some of this: a)      By marinating the cooked red and black Quinola in olive oil, pickling liquor, salt and herbs you get a depth of flavours encapsulated in the little grains. b)      By frying the pearl Quinola in butter once it has browned you get a lightness of texture with a perfectly crisp finish.