Quinola Mothergrain’s story:

Quinola Mothergrain was created to bring some super tasty new flavours to your kitchen and make being healthier that little bit easier.

It all started with the joys of redundancy.

After 17 years as a fund manager in London and Paris, the world economy (quite correctly) decided it needed a few less people in banking (for the record, James was never in the vampire squid category).

He and his family decided to invest the redundancy cheque wisely and headed off travelling for the best part of a year.

Alice was 9 years old, George 7 and Oscar 3.


Before setting off, James decided that a change of direction was needed. That his energy and creativity should be channelled towards helping the poor get richer rather than helping the rich get richer. It was with this is mind that he set off looking for a suitable product that he could start a Fairtrade business with.

It was whilst in Peru that they discovered the delights of quinoa. The kids loved its texture and taste, especially relative to the other two local staples of overcooked rice and sun blackened potatoes.


It was only on arriving in Australia that James discovered its ‘superfood’ qualities, and the choice of product was sealed.

Quinola Mothergrain aims to be a deeply ethical company. We not only work directly with the smallholders of Cabana in Peru, but also employ people with learning disabilities to do the packing in France. We also ensure that the product is not only organic, but sustainably so.